Home to many quiet spaces in which to relax and be inspired, Sirenia Retreat is perfect getaway for any writer. Be inspired, over-come the writers block or what ever it is your looking for, Sirenia Retreat has what you need.

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Disconnect from distractions, unwind and you will find that pen moving and that page full of words.

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A place to feel inspired and just connect with your inner creativity.

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That spark can come from anywhere but we all know its best to step back and get a different view.

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Macleay Island Writer's Retreat

Sirenia Retreat is a perfect writer’s creative cocoon and retreat to advance your creative writing projects – with plenty of quiet yet inspiring spaces and  ‘creativity kick starters’ to get those ideas flowing.

 Soak in the tub of our glorious wooden bathroom. The ideas will flow and you can make sure you capture them with our tested techniques for writers and idea capturing tools.

Many writers love the look, feel and sound of typewriters. Even though you can write more effectively on more modern devices, feel free to take our light and portable typewriter out onto the back or front deck to ‘get started’  (and to recreate the look of famous authors who used typewriters)

A Place for

Inspiration & Creativity