Relax and Unwind.

The Entertainment Room gives you the option of a ‘change of scene’ when you want some TV time or a good old-fashioned social game of pool or billiards. With a variety of couches the entertainment room provides a place to sit back and relax regardless of the occasion.

This room is the great space with a great space - allowing an escape within your escape... a little time away from each other allowing privacy and 'private time'. It's the perfect space for 'calculation and contemplation' and the quite 'click of pool balls (if that's what you want) or... lots of laughs in group competitions. Great to get the kids off video games too.

Excellent air conditioning unit installed in the entertainment room providing the option of super cooling on the hot days where the breeze just doesn’t cut it.

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Geoffrey Deller




A Retreat full of Inspiration.


“I was so stuck with writing my new book but, one trip to Sirenia Retreat was all I needed to find that spark unblock those words!”

— J.A.

It brought the team together!

“I was unsure about an executive retreat but it really did bring the team together. Sirenia Retreat had all that was needed and provided us with the perfect experience.”

— L.K.

The perfect heaven across the sea.

“I needed to get away from the bustle of the city and find my inner peace again, it was stopping my inspiration from flowing. Sirenia Retreat was just what I needed.”

— J.Y.