Why you should escape your phone alarm when you escape to Sirenia


If you sleep with your phone next to your bed – as so many people do – you should be alarmed – and stop doing it.

At Sirenia Retreat we encourage you to sleep well and avoid sleeping with your phone next to your bed and often close to your head. If you do need to use an alarm - just use a 'real' alarm that is not on your smart phone.

The ‘ping’ of alerts or messages often interrupts sleep – with people checking the messages ‘just in case it’s something important’.

Many people use the excuse – ‘but I need my phone for my alarm!’

An excellent book I’d reading “Sleep Smarter” advises us to just get a ‘real’ alarm. 

Very basically, having phones next to your bed and head can be dangerous because they can emit harmful electric and magnetic fields known as EMFs that
have been linked to leukemia , brain tumours and breast cancer.

Now, when I recommend getting a non-phone alarm, I’m not talking about those old clanging alarms – there are plenty of stylish retro-looking alarms you can get. 

I’ve been trying many of the techniques in this book – and my quality of sleep has greatly improved. I will share more in future posts.

Now, some of you may think that we shouldn’t have to study or work hard to improve the way we sleep. I argue that learning how to get quality sleep is vital for busy people.

When I was a producer on a travel show, I went to a valuable training session on How to Sleep. This was so important to someone who had to operate in different time zones and deal with jet lag.

As I’ll share in future posts about this important subject: it’s important to learn how to rest and recharge quickly and efficiently and to learn how to sleep smarter.