We all know that taking a break to unwind and relax is perfect for recharging and tapping into your creativity. With this in mind, Sirenia Retreat has plenty of activities to help you get the most out of your retreat.

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Looking for inspiration, exercise and exhilaration? A paddle around Macleay Island invigorates both your body and mind. Kayak and life jackets are provided to help you work off any stress and work up an appetite. Discover the island from a different angle. See life from a different angle!

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Bike riding

Riding a bike gets the blood and creativity flowing. As Ernest Hemingway wrote, riding a bike is the best way to discover, experience andfeelthe contours of a place.

Bikes and helmets are ready to roll.

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Pool Table

Nothing says time to relax like having time to play pool.

Sirenia Retreat has its very own pool table in our entertainment room. Its more than a pool table – its a time machine taking you back to simpler times and helping you create fresh ‘good times’ as you pass on your pool skills to new generations.  Good old-fashioned fun.


Relax & Unwind

Sirenia’s views fill us with gratitude for the good things we can enjoy - and we reckon you’ll feel the same way. We love coming here to relax and unwind and we are grateful we can share this special place with others.

Wildlife & Bird watching

With lots of wildlife, birds and plants, why not just relax and watch some of natures creatures.

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The best way to end the day (from our experience) is with a BBQ on the back deck at sunset. Close your eyes – take in the sounds and smells. BBQ Bliss!

Pause and gaze at the setting sun and take a 'mental snapshot’…then close your eyes and take in the sounds and smells. BBQ Bliss!

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Feel like some fishing? Macleay island has plenty of good places to cast a line with a variety of fish to be found!

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